VoiceThread Docs / Universal / Viewing / Getting around in a VoiceThread

From an open VoiceThread, you can listen to and read comments, record comments of your own, and navigate through the various slides. Below is a list of the elements and features available on an open VoiceThread slide.

screenshot universal-getting-around.png
  1. Thread overview: Takes you to a list of all slides in this VoiceThread so you can navigate to other sides quickly.
  2. Previous slide and Next slide: Allows you to move to the next slide or previous slide in this VoiceThread.
  3. Comments on slide “Title”: Level 2 heading describes how many comments are on this slide and the title of the slide in quotes.
  4. Image of any visual content on the slide.
  5. Expand & play: Expand the visual media to full size and/or play a video or audio slide.
  6. Edit slide: If you own this VoiceThread or have edit access, click this button to pull up the interface for editing this slide.
  7. + Add comment: Add a new comment to this slide.
  8. List of comments: Level 3 heading for each comment on this slide. Includes commenter’s name and the type of comment recorded. Beneath the header is the date and time the comment was recorded.
  9. Expand comment and replies: Expand a comment to listen to audio recordings or read text comments. Expand replies to open any comments recorded reply to this comment.
  10. Reply comment: Any reply comments are indented beneath the original comment. Click on “Expand comment” to listen to or read reply comments.